A Complete Information About Planet Fitness

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Planet fitness is an American franchise of fitness centers based in New Hampshire, which was founded in 1992. It reportedly owns 2124 stores with approximately 13.5 million members as of December 31,2020, which makes it one of the largest fitness clubs in the world. Their clubs are also located in countries like Canada, Panama and Mexico. It markets itself as “Judgement Free Zone”, which means a place where one can feel they belong.

Classic membership

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Planet fitness membership provides membership to you no matter what one is looking for in a gym. They offer two types of cards or membership, i.e., Classic Membership and PF Black Card. Both types of membership get access to their Judgement Free Zone and tons of strength and cardio equipment. All their members can access to their home club and friendly support anytime. They provide PF Black card for members who want to receive various additional features such as, free fitness training, use any of their 2000+ locations, bring a guest along with you for free and relax in the exclusive Black Card spa and many more.

[email protected] Program

Along with the club membership, they also offer a [email protected] program, which one can use as often as one wants which makes this gym like no other. With the [email protected] program, they provide trainers who will make the members familiar with the gym and provide instructions on selection on different exercises and machines. Their gym trainers will also provide a wide variety of small group training sessions to help one meet their goals and get the most out of the workout. With the membership one can also visit the club’s page to access its Crowd Metre and pick the best time to visit it. It is one of their many ways to ensure one can gym confidently.


The planet fitness membership fees vary from different types of and membership. But irrespective of the type of membership, one compulsorily needs to pay $39 annually, in order to have access to gym facilities, for club maintenance and upkeep. This fee is due once a year and is generally due on July 1st. For the Black Card holders, the monthly fee is $23 per month and for classic card holders it is $10 per month, which makes it quite affordable and popular. Apart from this, Planet fitness also offers 1-day free trial membership, under certain conditions, for which one applies every 90 days.

Fitness is essential

At Planet Fitness, they believe your fitness is essential and very important for oneself. To make your overall physical and mental wellness a top priority is one of their main objectives, as it helps to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and increase one’s overall positive energy levels, which can make one feel healthy.


One can also take a virtual tour of the club. For that one needs to join them on a virtual club tour around a Planet Fitness club, where one will learn all about the different areas of the club and they will show and illustrate how to get the most out of a membership and where you can start your fitness journey, making the membership worthy enough.

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