Few Interesting Facts That A Soccer Enthusiast Needs To Know

Few Interesting Facts That A Soccer Enthusiast Needs To Know

Do you know how people started playing soccer? All we have are guesses, tales, and theories. Then why not give our imaginations a little try? Just imagine, when the person introduced to others about kicking a ball with feet, would he knew then, that someday, almost the entire world will follow it? Maybe he did it because he had no hands? Maybe, because he felt like kicking his dead enemies gutted out stomach will fetch him pleasure? But did any of them thought that eventually, it would become a sport? Such a big sport, where people will earn and spend millions? And now, in this 21st century, that game will be popular throughout the world?

Now, people are curious to know what is the difference between soccer and football? Here, let us clarify the details. Actually, the name “soccer” is a variation of the term “association of football.” Initially, the abbreviation of “association of football” was “assoc.” and eventually it got its name.

Even today, people understand “football” as “soccer” in U.S.A, Australia, and Canada. Besides, this national game of Canada was illegal in Mississippi until 1991.

Come, it’s time to know some interesting facts about this game.

Maximum Number Of Red Cards In A Single Match

During a soccer match between Sportivo Ameliano and General Caballero, in Paraguay, the referee had to take out his red card 20 times. Yes, 20 times!

Size Of Soccer Balls

The circumference of a soccer ball is approximately 28 inches. In this context,  all soccer enthusiasts should note that 80% of the current match balls are produced in Pakistan.

When Was The Women’s World Cup Introduced?

Italy was the first country to organize the women’s soccer world cup. The year was 1970. The team of Denmark, lead by Boldklubben Femina, emerged as the champions. Though, FIFA was not a part of it.

Few Interesting Facts That A Soccer Enthusiast Needs To Know
Few Interesting Facts That A Soccer Enthusiast Needs To Know

Info About The Trophy

The World cup trophy is made of 18 carats gold and weighs almost 13 pounds.

Some Of The Famous Soccer Players

In the history of soccer, 2002 was a distinguished one, when the award of the most valuable player went to a goalkeeper! Guess who? German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn!

Moreover,  April Heinrichs was the first woman who was inducted to the National Soccer Hall of fame in 1998.

Furthermore, Arthur Wharton of Ghana was the first African professional soccer player in 1889.

Again, in the FIFA World Cup of 1982, Dino Zoff, the goalkeeper of Italy had also been the captain.

Last, but not least, do you know the oldest player to score a goal? It’s Roger Mila from Cameroon.


Yes! That’s what you call a soccer field, ‘Pitch’. Many people feel curious to know the reason behind the term. The term “pitch” is used because every regulation field is pitched five degrees upwards from one end to another.

Soccer Ball

In reality, the Balls are supposed to be oval-shaped. Meanwhile, all the balls have a checkered board pattern. And this creates an optical illusion, that the balls are perfectly spherical.  In fact, it got quite a history. The soldiers started kicking the inflated stomachs of the executed Irish soldiers. Eventually, those ‘inflated stomachs’, turned out to be a good material to make balls. Thankfully, this gruesome point has changed. Nowadays, they made it of vulcanized rubber.

Prison Game

Few Interesting Facts That A Soccer Enthusiast Needs To Know
Few Interesting Facts That A Soccer Enthusiast Needs To Know

The prisoners, who lost their hands, started playing this game in the early 1800s. Meanwhile, it needs mentioning, that it’s based on the tales of the legends.

Bolt From The Blue

Tragedy struck the entire soccer world when, an entire team representing the Democratic Republic of Congo, had been killed by a sudden bolt of lightning. And the worst part is all the victims were between 20-35 years. Ironically, the home team had emerged safely.

Furthermore, the ‘magician of football’, Lionel Messi had scored the maximum number of goals in a single Champions League match.   

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