Golf – 10 Basic Terms To Know Before You Start

Golf - 10 Basic Terms To Know Before You Start

Whenever the word “Royal” comes during a discussion about sports, the only game flashes in the memory is the golden game of Golf. Golf is basically an outdoor sport played in a large open field particularly known as Golf course consisting of 18 holes. The game is correlated with terms such as “club” and a “ball”, wherein club refers to the golf instrument which is used to hit the golf ball into the series of holes made in the golf course. In order to win the Golfer has to achieve his goal with as few strokes as possible.

So, if you are thinking to appreciate the game personally you must have all the information related to the game as in the important terms which make the game work.

Few Important Terms Related To Golf

Here’s mentioning all the related technical terms defining what Golf is all about to make its awareness worldwide

The Golf Club

The most important term which defines the beauty of the game is Golf Club which is basically the instrument that is used to hit the balls in the specified holes.

These clubs appear to be stick-like structures and are made of a shaft with a stronger grip and a broad club head. A variety of clubs includes Wood, Iron, Hybrid clubs made of both wood and iron, Putter and Chipper.

Golf Tee

It’s a wooden structure where you keep your golf ball, at the starting of the hole, in order to commence the game. Tee Box and Teeing ground have a similar meaning in this regard.

The Putting Green

The smooth green area with a trimmed grass surrounding the hole where you have to hit the ball according to the rules of the Golf is termed as The Putting Green or simply Greens.

Golf - 10 Basic Terms To Know Before You Start
Golf – 10 Basic Terms To Know Before You Start


The pathway which lies between the Golf tee and the Putting Green is termed as Fairway.


The area consisting of naturally growing trees and grass, covering the boundary of Fairway is known as Rough. Types of Rough include the first cut of rough, where the height of the rough is trimmed slightly higher than the Fairway. Meanwhile, in the second cut of rough, the height of the green natural vegetation is higher and thicker than Fairway.


The natural obstacles standardized in the game rulebook which can create a problem for you to achieve your goal of striking the ball in the hole are known as Hazards. These include water hazards like ponds, lakes, and rivers or land hazards like sand traps.


It is basically a form of hazard, in the form of a ditch filled with sand, between you and your goal.


The hit made by you with your stick on the ball, irrespective of the fact whether the ball enters the hole or not, is counted as a stroke.

Golf - 10 Basic Terms To Know Before You Start
Golf – 10 Basic Terms To Know Before You Start


When you successfully make your first strike into the hole it is officially termed as Ace or “hole-in-one”.


The total number of standard strokes that you are required to accomplish to complete the round of each individual hole is termed as Par.

Few Other Terms Related To Golf

  • Birdie- It is a score of 1 which is under par.
  • Eagle- It is a score of 2 which is under par.
  • Bogey- It is a score of 1 above par.
  • Double Bogey- It is a score of 2 above par.
  • Triple Bogey- It is a score of 3 above par.

What are you waiting for then? Go and have yourself a wonderful game.

Have fun!

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