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Highest Scoring Hockey Game Ever Played

highest scoring hockey game ever

What’s the greatest game ever played? Who has the greatest game? Who wears the “Gotta Have It” shirt? These are all questions that many people have asked and most will never find the answer to. So, instead of wasting time trying to find out the answer we’re going to talk about some of the greatest sports ever played and give you the top 7 highest scoring sports of all time.

Regulation In The Early Years Of Hockey

It’s amazing when you think about it, there really wasn’t any kind of regulation in the early years of hockey. When the NHL finally got everything together and started to implement some rules and guidelines to help create a better game, one of the first ones they put into place was overtime. It didn’t take long for everybody to catch on and overtime had a purpose. It made the game more exciting for fans, it added some drama to games and it made it even more exciting for players.

The old overtime format has been gone forever, but the concept hasn’t quite disappeared. Many times a game would be tied late in the overtime and one team would rush for the winning goal and win the game. The other team would then get another chance to play in the extra period and hope to win again, this goes on. Since overtime is such a crazy part of the game with so many games being played back to back, overtime rules are still in play and need to be watched carefully by officials just like every other rule in the game.

Many hockey fans don’t realize how many hat tricks there are in a season. A season is just eleven weeks long! That’s how many hat tricks can be scored in an entire hockey season. If you scored two hat-tricks in one game, you are considered to have scored two hat-tricks. If you scored three hat-tricks in one game, you are considered to have scored three hat-tricks.

Wayne Gretzky was one of the most prolific scorers in the history of the game and is considering the player who had the career hat tricks record. Some might even go so far as to say that Gretzky is the player who holds the record for career hat tricks. Wayne Gretzky also holds the records of most goals scored (teen) and assists (ten). Gretzky is most well known for his three Stanley Cups and is a lock for the Hall of Fame in hockey.

Two other players who joined Gretzky in having the most grand slams were Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Gretzky. Of course, when it comes to the Stanley Cup, no player has ever stolen the spotlight like Ovechkin and Gretzky. Ovechkin is considered the best player in the world right now and he is ready to challenge NHL icons like Ovechkin and Ovie. Of course, this will be the biggest challenge facing any Russian player if they want to dethrone of the current champ.

Bottom Line

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If you think about it, the NHL is one of the toughest leagues to crack. You have to prove yourself every single time. Most players don’t last past a few days in the NHL and some never even make it through training camp. There are not many players who have been able to lay claim to the longest game of ever played. However, if you can break one record, it will certainly be a feather in your cap to add to your NHL credentials.

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