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History Of The Longest Hockey Game

longest hockey game

The longest hockey game in history was held in Alberta, Canada, from February 4 to 15, 2021. Brent Saik, the organizer, and 39 other players played for 252 hours, breaking their previous record of 251 hours three years ago. (A confirmation from Guinness World Records for the new record is still pending.)

The 40 participants and the World’s Longest Hockey Game raised $1.84 million. They counted for the Cure Cancer Foundation to support life-saving research at the University of Alberta and save lives at the Cross Cancer Institute with the game (click here to donate).

“This weekend, our mission is to cure cancer. That is our slogan every time we perform one of these events,” said Saik, who has lost both his wife and father to cancer.

Where It Was Held?

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The game was held in Saikers Acres in Sherwood Park, Alberta, where the players worked shifts for 11 days. Thousands of goals were recorded throughout 750 volunteer shifts as referees and scorekeepers. Team Hope finished with a score of 2649 to Team Cure’s 2528. The number of shots on goal was 9996-10253.

“Seeing the players and organizers’ valiant efforts in challenging circumstances, as well as the community’s outpouring of support for life-saving cancer research at the University of Alberta, emphasizes the importance of moving our work forward,” said Dr. Mackey, Oncologist, Cross Cancer Institute.

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“There is a huge amount of pressure to complete this work correctly and as quickly as feasible. This contribution means the world to the researchers and physicians who are working relentlessly to provide breakthrough treatments and hope to Alberta’s tens of thousands of cancer patients.”

The players had to play outside on these days to make it happen, with temperatures in the area varying from -32°C to -10°C (-26 to +14F), with the wind chill making it much colder. With the current pandemic laws in place, including self-isolation before the event and daily testing, they had to fill out some papers to acquire an exemption for the game. While a live broadcast was available to watch the game, this meant fewer volunteers and no spectators.

About Shift Change

During these days, players switched shifts night and day and slept in trailers near the ice.

“There were some difficulties. But, guess what? Nobody ever gave up; we all pulled together,” said Andrew Buchanan, a firefighter who took part in the game.

“Every single person participating was a true warrior. But it’s nothing compared to the bearing of these cancer patients. It makes no differentiation what the final score was in this game. We came here with one aim in mind: to help cure cancer, and we’re well on our way to accomplishing that.”

The World’s Longest Hockey Game was in its ninth year. This year’s fundraising efforts, according to CTV News, will go toward a clinical trial of new cancer medicine called PCLX-001, which has shown promising results in the treatment of blood malignancies.


The final score of the longest hockey game was 2,649 to 2,528 in favor of Team Hope, which won the charity tournament. Brent Saik, a doctor who has lost both his father and wife to cancer, is the creator of this game. The incident began in 2003, following his father’s death.

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