Street Football – Small Town, Big Dreams - The Birthplace Of Soccer Stars

Street Football – Small Town, Big Dreams

Street Football – Small Town, Big Dreams

Street Football has always existed in the shadow of the professional game, in whatever manner in the past few years this has begun to change. And, street football can be understood as the most natural way to learn football. Moreover, it can be a great starting point to develop emotional, decisional, radical and motor skills.

Eventually, players involved in Street football may develop a strong touching bond to the game through their experiences playing in an informal setting. And ultimately this could support their participation in a more structured playing environment. Besides, Street Football is a game that is quite different from classic football.

Few Rules You Need To Know Before Playing Street Football

•  The court in general measures 21 meters in length and 16 meters in breadth. Each half varies from 5 – 7 minutes based on rules. Meanwhile, only 4 can play on each side including the goalkeeper, making it a total of 8 players allowed on the field.

•  Over here, unlike soccer/football, the goalkeeper cannot score. Neither can he leave the penalty box, which is termed as ’large area’ in street football. If he moves out of the area without the ball, it’s a foul. And if he moves out of the box with the ball, then it’s a penalty.

Street Football – Small Town, Big Dreams
Street Football – Small Town, Big Dreams

•  Meanwhile, the large area belongs to the goalkeeper only. Players from none of the teams can enter there. Even, if you are defending, then also you are not allowed inside.

•  If an opponent enters the large box, the team will get a goal-kick. Meanwhile, if a team member enters the large box, it will be a penalty in favor of the opponent.

Cards In Street Football

•  Unlike soccer, over here, there are three cards.  The yellow card plays the same role just as it does in football. Meanwhile, there is a Blue Card here. Unlike soccer, 2 yellow cards in a match lead to a blue card. This means, that the player will be off the field for the next 2 minutes, and his/her team will play with 1 man short for that time.

•  The yellow or blue cards depend upon the severity of the foul. Furthermore, there is a red card as well. If you receive 2 blue cards in a match or does a serious foul, then it comes to use. And if it’s used, you are out of the field instantly, and out for next match even. And your team will play the rest of the match with 1 player short, just like football.

One Team one Goal

At Street Football World, we see it as our liability to bring these players together onto the same pitch. Eventually, every football team comprises individuals with different skills and abilities. Hence, the goal is to create effective and sustainable partnerships between these various sectors, to maximize the impact on the ground.

Street Football – Small Town, Big Dreams
Street Football – Small Town, Big Dreams

A street team is always unbalanced because not everyone is at the same skill level. The general approach to addressing the imbalance is a ruthless division of labor: the best players are in the attack and midfield; the less skillful and/or more aged ones defend, while the weakest one is in the goal. The problem is often that there are too many self-declared good players upfront, and there is no coach or any authority to establish a hierarchy or position within the team.

Hence, to take things to the next level, we must identify a common purpose and work towards it as a team. Eventually, such a pattern shift would allow us to achieve the sort of social impact that football’s worldwide popularity warrants.

Meanwhile, with its ability to inspire passion across all layers of society, football can build bridges, to bring people together behind a common goal.

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