The Origin Or Introduction Of Parkour In Sport! - Let's Get Introduced

The Origin Or Introduction Of Parkour In Sport!

The Origin or Introduction of Parkour in Sport!

Parkour in sport is also referred to as free-running and, was founded in France in 1988 by David Belle. He says how his father encouraged his son to received instruction on Hebert’s method during its military time period. This is because his father was known as the ‘Father of Parkour’. He was well trained by his father and start practicing for Parkour with his friends, adding their own obstacles and challenges like rope climbing, swinging, and jumping by calling themselves Yamakasi.

As time passes by Yamakasi started putting up performances. They started performing in the streets of London, jumping around and crossing the hurdles from one building to another building just to avoid traffic. With increasing visibility of parkour, his friends started working strictly on their skills and practiced for more than a decade. It leads spreading of parkour in other countries as well, where various national and international organizations were formed for this special training and education. Meanwhile, Parkour has already gained its popularity as a sport.

The Origin or Introduction of Parkour in Sport!
The Origin or Introduction of Parkour in Sport!

Difference In The Sport Of Parkour And Free Running

It has its various names in more than one language “Le Parkour, Free running, L’Art du Deplacement and these terms are widely used to refer this, as free-running and Parkour actually both are the same thing, generally, people misunderstood to mean a different or offshoot discipline but hysterically they are just different names for the same movement. This activity gets popularised through internet videos, television and various feature films including various famous directors. Especially, Bruce Lee and his work in his films were inspired by Parkour.

Parkour is defined as a sport that is described as the “art of forwarding motion in spite of obstacles”. Its aim is to overcome obstacles on a given route from one point to another in the quickest and most efficient way possible without the use of equipment. This tenure involved training, running, jumping. It is a sport that encourages self –improvement, increases confidence levels, self- reliance, and determination.

The Origin or Introduction of Parkour in Sport!
The Origin or Introduction of Parkour in Sport!

Parkour defined as free-running when it was coming as a meaning of English word so that it would be easy to understand and grasp. It is somewhat distinct from free-running which is more disciplined and full fear. This activity could not be understood without fear. It is always present while jumping, moving around because you need to learn how to stop and when to start and stop.

Parkour improves the physical and mental health kind of full-body workout- the type of fitness you need to jump high, run fast, climb and rolls so that athletic and everyday movements become easier and smoother.

Why Practice Parkour?

Parkour is fun and full of challenges. It is like a big playground, at which once you start running, climbing, but sometimes maybe you don’t have strength, as you practice you will gain confidence and coordination. Moreover, Parkour is not the collection of techniques- rather it is a spontaneous movement in a prophetic manner and having the capacity to move any time, along any plane, gracefully and efficiently. Furthermore, it makes you more creative, helps you out sorting solutions to problems at work or in relationships.

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